Augmented Reality

I have to admit, this makes me want to switch phones. I am already a huge fan of the geosphere  and the thought of scanning public art as part of a game sounds pretty fun. A million times more fun than a game that doesn’t need any more than you moving your fingers. I won’t be making any new purchases just for this game, but it did inspire me to see what I could do with my iPhone. When it comes to getting outdoors, it turns out some pretty incredible stuff.

Spyglass is an insane compass, which includes navigation by position of the stars and a camera function. When I hike I always carry a map and compass, but using this sounds like a lot of fun. Star Chart is already at the top of our list when we camp or just sit out on our back porch. Seeing which stars and constellations you are looking at though the screen makes learning them accessible and really fun. The last time I whipped this out was when I was watching for the Leonid meteor shower, which radiates from the constellation Leo. As a side note on that, Geminids peak on December 13-14, with no moon interfering.  Peaks is on the list to buy so that the next time we climb a mountain, figuring out what we are looking at will be a little less guess-work. These tools might not make or break a hike, but I would sure like to try them out.

I am really excited about possibilities surrounding foursquare, as this would take a social service that encourages getting away from the computer and engaging in the real world. Augmented reality with this type of social game would be really interesting. While location-based services still have a lot to work out, it seems like there is a lot of potential there. Especially for promotion of things outside the mainstream, like a piece of public art as opposed to a check-in at McDonalds.

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